1) Who are you?
We are a husband and wife team based in Miami, FL. Our passion for natural, organic, and handmade bath and body products brought us to open Shower With Us Miami in early 2016. Since then, we've grown to attend several farmers markets, festivals, and shows across South Florida every year, as well as having our products ship all across the US! Our website launched in May of 2017, and we've never looked back! Life is too short, so why not give this sudsy adventure all we've got? We love what we do and we hope that our love and care is felt in every product you use. From handmade soap bars, sugar scrubs, to bath bombs and more, Shower With Us, and let's ride this sudsy adventure together!
2) Where are you located? Can I shop in person?
We are located in Miami, FL and ship out all orders from our home to your doorstep. While shopping in person at a storefront is not available, we do attend local South Florida farmers markets, festivals and events quite often. Whenever we are at any events we post it on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram- link on bottom of website pages). Keep an eye out for them so you can meet us and our team!
3) How long does it take for my order to arrive?
As soon as we receive an order, it gets packaged and sent out within 3 business days (usually 1-2) to USPS. We always try to ship out orders asap. We use USPS Priority Mail 1-4 business day shipping method. Once it's been dropped off at the post office, that's the time frame according to USPS, that shipping should take. 
So, basically, you should see your order at your doorstep within just a few business days of ordering!
4) Do you ship worldwide?
Currently, we ship domestically within the USA. International shipping is not available at the moment.
5) I'd like to carry your product in my store, website, shop, etc. Do you offer wholesale pricing? How about private labeling?
Absolutely! We offer reseller discounts and have displays available for store use. Private labeling is available for all of our products. We'd love to chat further. Please send us an email to info@showerwithusmiami.com
6) Are all of your products vegan?
We are always striving to keep our product recipes animal product-free! So, MOST of our items ARE vegan! We do have a few soap bars that contain Goat Milk. Each item has the ingredients listed underneath them, so you'll know right away what is vegan and what is not.
7) I have a wedding, party, event coming up. Do you offer personalized party favors?

Of course! We also make party favors for events. We'd love to chat further! Please send us an email to info@showerwithusmiami.com

8) Do you use fragrances in your products?

All of our soaps and bath bombs are FRAGRANCE FREE! The aromas occur NATURALLY from the oils, clays, and Essential Oils used in the recipes. With our sugar scrubs, only the coconut contains fragrance at the moment - we are working hard to change that.

9) Do you use artificial coloring in your products?

ALL of our soaps and sugar scrubs, and most of our bath bombs are ARTIFICIAL COLORING FREE! The colors in our soaps and sugar scrubs come naturally from the oils, essential oils, fruit/veggie powders (spirulina, beet root, etc), herbs, and clays that go into our recipes. Only the lavender bath bomb has coloring - we are working hard to change that.

10) Can your soaps be used as shampoo bars?

Many soaps can be used as shampoo bars. Basically, all of our soaps bars without shea butter work best as shampoo bars. Our soap bars with shea butter tend to make hair more voluminous. If you have oily hair, we recommend washing your hair every day if you choose the shea butter soap bars.